QCDA: When life hands you porn, try to sell them alongside your baby items.

Trying to fulfill my promise to post Questionable and Comical Classified ads on Fridays has led to this quick post which came to me from another Mom and Dad Facebook Sales site. Which is the obvious choice of venue to turn to when seeking out magazines meant for the adult-male demographic.

The description of this site is for Parents to sell new and gently used Baby and Children’s items. So of course it is obvioulsy inundated with ads for things that are categorically not baby and/or children’s items. I think that most of the time I let that slide. Sure sell your shoes, or home decor items. But adult magazines, really? I know that when I buy used kid’s items I like a healthy serving of soft-core porn on the side! I am not a prude in any sense but this feels icky to me.

magazine ad

In any case, I am not sure if this ended up selling*, but the poster did have it up there for a while trying to find a buyer with no takers, alongside ads for clothes her kids had grown out of. I am honestly not surprised there were no takers, I wouldn’t be too eager to publicly post that I want your used Playboy magazines. (Oh it comes with half of box of tissues? Even better…ew) Sorry. I think that was a little too far for even me.

To be honest, if I had a Playboy magazine autographed by WWE celebrity in my possession I wouldn’t be so eager as to post it for sale on a site that lacks anonymity. If you find yourself in possession of extra Playboys or similar magazines -signed or not- and you need to sell them, my suggestion is to save face and sell them through a site like Ebay where you don’t have to meet the person buying them face to face.

*Update-I just found the site and yes she does still have it posted for sale with seemingly no interested buyers so it could be yours!

Questionable Classifieds! “Intimate apparel from the internet is one of the languages of love”

It’s another Questionable Classifieds day! And yes I know that I promised these on Fridays and it is clearly Wednesday but I started it on Friday and I figured it was either post now, or wait another 2 days. So here it is.

This one comes to us from Kijiji and profiles just what one man is willing to do for the love of his life.

In case you are unable to read

In case you are unable to read “Hello. It may seem wierd that a male is advertising in this section. But during our move my girlfriend misplaced a bag of her clothes bottem. Shorts yoga pants and other person stuff (panties). She is small waist. Would like to buy some stuff for her. Pls email me pics of what your selling and price. Thanks !” 

I really didn’t think this needed to repeated but apparently people are still unclear on this concept. Do not turn to the classifieds to buy your underwear. Do not turn to classifieds to sell your underwear. And above all else, do not turn to the classifieds to buy someone else underwear. If this is too complicated for you remember this:

Classifieds & Underwear never go together.

However, this week’s post once again proves this concept is lost on a portion of the population, so as a public service announcement to all men that it is not okay to show a woman how much you care by purchasing her underwear (from strangers on the internet).

I can’t think of any woman who upon losing an entire bag of all her bottems bottoms would appreciate her boyfriend turning to the internet to procure her replacements. I suppose I can’t fault him for wanting to replace items relatively inexpensively depending how much they lost it could get very expensive to replace everything new. For the shorts and yoga pants I can even get behind that, but why did he think asking for “panties” for his girlfriend on the internet is appropriate.

Here’s something I can tell you. Asking the internet to provide you with panties for your girlfriend is a surefire way to find yourself meeting the undesirable portion of the population who likes to sell their used underwear as well ending up on not-so-good terms with your girlfriend.

Besides the fact that he gives vague measurements/sizes, (waist is small?) underwear is not that expensive if you need to replace some rather quickly. Provided he’s not in the market for designer underwear (which I frankly doubt given his posting), it’s not hard to find some decent underwear inexpensively at Wal-Mart. Granted in may not be the fanciest stuff but I would think any girlfriend would prefer her boyfriend replace lost underwear with a bag of Fruit of the Loom over mystery underwear procured from strangers on the internet.

So if you ever find yourself in a similar situation to this gentlemen here are some solutions that do not include receiving underwear from strangers:

1. Go to store, buy a package of cheap underwear, give to girlfriend

2. Better option – go to store with girlfriend, tell her to pick out what she likes, buy it for her

3. My personal favourite if this were to happen to me I would hope my husband chooses this route, Let girlfriend buy her own replacement underwear!

And to address the other requests in his ad – used pants and shorts – wouldn’t it just be easier to head over to Goodwill or Value Village with your girlfriend, let her try on the clothes and pick what she likes instead of posting this ad, waiting for responses, and then being in the very unfortunate situation of having to now meet the people who are wanting to sell you their underwear?

Is this a rash? OR “Classifieds Sites do not replace the advice of Licensed Medical Professionals”

It’s a Questionable Classifieds Day! I am hoping to start posting these on Fridays however it really depends on my material so if you see any questionable posts on your local buy-sell boards, kijiji or even the old fashioned newspaper, send them my way laidbackmommy@hotmail.com

So back to today’s QC. Here I am trying to figure out where to start on this one. Frankly, I can’t believe I am even saying this, but guess what, apparently it needs to be said.

Classifieds sites do not replace the advice of Licensed Medical Professionals.

I know this sounds like information that most people should know, and I understand that sometimes for minor ailments you may ask friends and family for advice on whether they have encountered something before. I know I often call up my Mom or Sister and ask for advice about things C is going through. But questions like “Teething can cause a minor fever right? I should monitor it and not go to the doctor right away?” in a private phone call is different than posting a classified soliciting medical advice from legions of strangers.

But here we are. Apparently, some people think that is an appropriate place to seek medical advice. I know it is very popular to look for answers to questions on the internet. The Birth Month Groups on sites like Baby Center are rife with people asking if what their baby is going through is normal and I know that a lot of us (especially Laid Back Mommies) out there don’t want to rush to the doctor for every little thing so seeing if you can find an answer on-line is especially tempting. At least on birth group sites the purpose is to discuss topics with others going through the same thing so it seems reasonable to me for non-serious, minor medical conditions someone is going through.

Classified sites are another beast all together.

When I am on these sites, I am likely looking to buy something or see what might be out there on the market. What I am not wanting to see if graphic descriptions of your medical issues, and even less than that are graphic descriptions accompanied by pictures.

Today’s entry into the world of Questionable Classifieds comes from a local buy-sell group.


In the grand scheme of medical problems, this  probably isn’t that bad. Lot’s of people get hives. I mysteriously get them once in a while. Sometimes I don’t know what causes them but I take some Benadryl if they are particularly bothersome and move on with life.

But what we are seeing here is a person with a large amount of Hives covering her arms. She says she got them at the same time of year last year and they lasted a week. She seems pretty knowledgeable about her symptoms and history and even identifies them as hives. I can’t figure out why she posted this? She seems to know exactly what it is and a very cursory search of google and medical sites would probably answer her questions and confirm they are probably hives and that some Benadryl will help if they are really bad.

Posting a picture of your inflamed arm for a bunch of strangers to comment on is just bizarre to my mind.

Considering that this person got them at the same time last year and they lasted for a week it is likely a seasonal allergy of some kind. Instead of seeking out information from strangers – whose reason for being in the facebook is to generally sell clothes and toys their kids have outgrown – she should probably make an appointment with a doctor* or failing that seek advice from reputable medical websites.

People looking for a good deal on a used bike for their kids really don’t want to be confronted with your skin conditions. So just stop it. Classifieds sites and buy sell groups are not for you to solicit medical advice from.

If wouldn’t walk down the street asking strangers what a rash on your arm was then you shouldn’t do this on facebook either. End of Discussion.

Thanks everyone! Enjoy your weekend and remember if you see something weird on a classified or buy sell group send it my way to laidbackmommy@hotmail.com all personally identifying information will be redacted and items will be posted anonymously.

*Some people may respond that this person may not have insurance however this post comes to us from Canada where universal health coverage means that the provincial drug plan would cover a trip to GP or walk in clinic to get this looked at and while I recognize that there may be other limitations preventing someone to seek medical care (raising kids, shift work etc) I still maintain that there are more appropriate places to get your medical advice that are not a mom and dad buy sell group on Facebook.

Questionable Classifieds for the digital age: Barely Used Underwear?

First off, sorry for my long absence! I may be a laid back mommy but I guess I am a lazy blogger! This is also my first post written entirely on my iPhone. So I am still figuring out the formatting. I am hoping that I will get back into the regular world of blogging in the next couple of weeks. Baby C is getting more interesting so that means more to write about! Today is just a short post with a new QCDA (questionable classifieds for the digital age) for everyone to enjoy.


When is it okay to sell underwear in an online classified? New in package? New but open package? Used? In my opinion none of these are okay. In my informal poll which consisted of turning to my husband in bed and asking he answered rather succinctly “Never.”

And so let’s take a deeper look at the issue of selling underwear.

First the picture posted in the ad in question.

At first glance I think we all agree this isn’t bad. Just a lot of little boys clothing. Until you realize there is underwear front and centre.
Yup. Underwear.

Now here is the description from the seller.


So here we have someone selling Little boy underwear. I get that some was never worn but some was worn for a “very short time” and that makes it used. Even though we aren’t sure how long that “very short time” was it is still used.

Used underwear should not be sold.

For the new stuff that is open, I think we should still err on the side of not selling it in the used market. There is a reason stores won’t allow returns on underwear and I think the store logic should extend to this situation.

So laid back mommy, What should I do with my extra underwear?

Let me help you with some suggestions:
-if it is legitimately brand new in package donate it to a shelter or food bank that can help distribute to those in need or return to store
-if it is new and out of package offering it to a close friend or family member that may be able to use it seems somewhat acceptable to me if you have that type of relationship with the person
-if it is used – and by used I mean it has been worn for any period of time – throw it out
-if at anytime you are unsure of the proper course of action, throw it out

I have also created this easy to follow flow chart to help you out in case you encounter this situation yourself. Please share this important information with you friends and family.

flow chart 2

There you have it. A handy guide for your underwear.

So what are your thoughts? Am I too strict on selling underwear in the used market? Leave a comment or email me.

Like today’s QCDA check out my first one lingerie.

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Introducing: Questionable Classifieds for the digital Age, A new blog within my Blog.

I love getting bargains. Seriously. I inherited it from my Mother. My Mother in fact loves bargains so much that if you buy her a nice gift she is more excited about finding out if you got a deal on it. If you want to give my Mother a designer label you better hope that you got it at a misguided freight auction, or the back of a China Town shop or have story about the amazing deal you got. In fact, there are times that we have actually lied exaggerated the deal obtained on a gift we have given her so she would actually accept it.

She is literally the embodiment of Jerry Seinfeld’s Dad.

“Oh! This is too much”

“Don’t worry, I know a guy, it was like $20”

So while I am not as obsessed with deals as her, it is not surprising that I myself enjoy getting a good deal on things. I mean who doesn’t like to save money?

To go along with this money saving part of my life I often peruse buy-sell websites. My office even has an extensive online Staff buy and sell board which I have been very active on over the years. You can get a lot of great things used. Especially if you aren’t picky on exact details. You can also get rid of your things, thus eliminating the growing pile in your basement as you amass hundreds of unwanted items until you have enough to produce a respectable garage sale.

But as part of my love of finding bargains, I also get a lot of pleasure out of finding, pointing out and sharing those unfortunate and questionable classifieds ads that I think we have all stumbled upon in the past.

So today I am kicking off a new ongoing series on my blog!!!

You will see now interspersed within my regular blog material outlining my pregnancy and inevitable child rearing adventures something I like to call:

Questionable Classified Ads for the Digital Age or “Who the ef would post that, and who do they expect to buy it?”

Here I will post classified ads that I come across that I think are questionable, odd, funny, or in some cases just plain unsanitary and gross. I will provide my thoughts and give advice on the appropriate ways to rid oneself of the product.

So without any additional fan fare I give you the first installment in Questionable Classified for the Digital Age.

I stumbled upon this screenshot after it was sent to me by someone who knows that I get a kick out of these things. It is from a Mom Buy-Sell groups (which are exceptionally popular in cities all over and often use facebook as their medium). I have had success in selling and buying off these types of groups before but this ad gave me pause and inspired me to start this new series in my blog.


Lingerie For sale

For privacy reasons, I have blocked out any personally identifying information about the persons, group and city or region this comes from and will do so in the future as well.

First of all the description says this is a “maid outfit” however, and correct me if I am wrong, but this is not a maid outfit. This is lingerie. Lingerie. In my opinion lingerie falls in the “underwear” category and used underwear is not acceptable on the second hand market. I really don’t care if it is excellent condition and you only used it one’s once this falls under the category of inappropriate items to resell.

Can you imagine responding to this ad and going to pick up said item?

Buyer: “Oh hi, I am here for the, uh, ahem, Maid, outfit”

Seller: ” Yes, here it is, Only worn once, but my husband sure loved it. But he gets bored easily, so you know I only wear my lingerie once….”

Buyer: “Great here’s the money”

I just don’t want to meet the person in the market for other people’s used lingerie. Nor do I want to be known as the person who sells my lingerie when I am done with it.

So LaidBackMommy, what should I do when I decide my maid costume lingerie no longer suits my needs?

Well thank you for asking. I am a bit of a self-proclaimed expert of proper etiquette for getting rid of things that are no longer needed. Here are some options for you the next time you think it is wise to sell your sex clothes lingerie.

  1. Leave it in the back of your closet/dresser/wardrobe in case you get in the mood to excite your significant other again with the outfit
  2. Or are there too many painful memories because it is from a time with your ex? Burn it or otherwise destroy it in a moving on ceremony
  3. Hmm it looks soft, use it as a tissue the next time you are sick
  4. In fact it is so soft, cut it up and use it as dust rag
  5. Those cups look sturdy? Engage in a water-balloon fight and use them as sling shots

Ok perhaps some of those are a little far fetched, so just hang on to it or throw it out. Please don’t try to sell your lingerie. I mean even new lingerie bothers me when I think about other people having tried it on but at least then I can pretend that no one else has tried on yet and I am the first to try it on.

Now I don’t know if this sold because as of the screen shot date, there were no interested buyers. I just hope that a happy resolution for all was reached – seller, buyer and probably the significant other of the buyer who now gets to enjoy lingerie sloppy seconds a new repertoire in the bedroom tonight.


Stumbled upon a hilarious or unfortunate classified ad? Email me at LaidBackMommy@hotmail.com and your contributions could make the next installment of the Questionable Classifieds blog!