My voice finally has an audience

What’s a new mom to do when she is feeding or trying to get a baby to sleep at night? Well, if you’re like me and love to sing but have an abhorrent sounding voice then you probably are reveling in the fact that you now have a captive audience that has no idea what a talented singer sounds like so thinks your voice is wonderful.

To that end, I am reacquainting myself with popular children’s songs from my past. And therein lies my problem: lyrics.

Lyrics. I am finding myself forgetting them.  So in the quiet hours I have alone with my boy I make up new lyrics to familiar songs.

And here is one I am quite proud of. To the tune of the “I Love You” from the show Barney three verses that I have put together over the last several weeks (yes, weeks, baby brain and the fact that I mostly work on this at night means it had taken me longer than I am proud to admit). Stay tuned (pun intended) as I most definitely will have more reworkings of familiar songs!!

The Milk Song

I love milk, it is sweet
I could drink it constantly.
So I slurp, gulp, mmm mmm Oh my gosh it’s yummy,
I love milk made by my mommy.

Milk is great, milk is nice
Filled with goodness, sugar and spice
So I slurp, gulp, nom-nom, Oh my gosh it’s nummy,
Lot’s of milk to fill my tummy.

Milk for me, all day long.
Drinking milk it makes me strong.
So I slurp and gulp and drink it all down,
Milk’s the best think to  be found.