Who’s the worst blogger ever?

That title may solidly go to me. Apparently I can’t even maintain a blog!

Let’s recap what happened in the last 6 months. About a week before my son would be 1 year old I got laid off. My husband was home with Calvin for the last 4 months of his first year and so I had been back at work for about 16 weeks at that point. I was told on a Thursday. I wasn’t escorted out of the building so that was nice (I guess in terms of how lay-offs go). I was allowed to say good bye and give a heads up to people. Get personal files off my computer and clean out my desk over the next couple of days.

My husband literally didn’t believe me when I walked in the door that day. But alas it happened. He looked at me and I told him “Well you were wrong, Executives sometimes do lay off their assistants.”

I then had to adjust to the thought of not having a job for the foreseeable future. We had vacation booked the next week and we still went on that and it was enjoyable to relax but there was a nagging feeling the whole time because I didn’t know what was going to happen with my future.

I started applying for jobs. Got contacted by a few for more information and told I was too qualified. Got interviews for a few and made it through multiple interviews rounds which felt great.

When a job I thought was perfect for and I made it to the final round of interviews (and had a great rapport with the director) told me I missed the mark just so closely (“We hired 8 people and you were our number 9 candidate.”) I was a wreck. I started to doubt myself thinking there will always be someone better than me for a job.

I went back and forth between optimism and self-pity. I would see a posting and thing “I got this” and then not hear anything and think “Well I am worthless.”

We kept Calvin in day care part time as we hoped I would find work quickly and we didn’t want to scramble to find care for him if something came up. Plus we found that he was doing really well in day care and socializing. But every week that went by and I hadn’t found a job I really started to doubt myself. Did we make the right decision? We are basically throwing money away when technically I could be watching him. But anyone who has been unemployed knows, looking for work can take a lot of your time so we felt it was good that I was free to work on the job hunt while he was in daycare.

I ended up getting a job offer with 2 months lead time for it to start. It is in another city but is exactly the career I want. I have been doing it for 5 weeks now and it is going really well. My husband and I even decided to move and before Christmas bought a new house (it’s being built right now) and got to experience the joys of picking out interiors (and the not so joys of realizing that it’s considered an additional cost to have drawers in your kitchen…but that’s a blog post for another day).

So there you have it. 6 months in a nut shell.

  1. Job lost
  2. 4 month of alternating between feeling positive and wallowing in depression that I would never find a new job
  3. Get offered new job to start in two months
  4. Two months of freedom and house hunting
  5. Bought a new house
  6. Started new job
  7. Getting ready to stage the house –