What do you get when you combine a handkerchief with a notebook? Answer: More terrible Father’s Day Gifts

Welcome to Part two of my review of terrible Father’s Day Gifts. Due to unforeseen events happening over the last month in my life unfortunately this is quite late. But luckily the lessons contained below are not only appropriate for Father’s Day, but any gift giving occasion for the men in your life.

Part one of this review focused on some particularly bizarre gift ideas for Dad and highlighted some exceptionally poor food related gift ideas. Today I am tackling the classic Father’s Day gift theme of putting two (or more) seemingly unrelated products together in the effort to create a completely useless, bizarre or downright questionable offspring as well as a couple other gifts that just make me wonder.

1. Hankie Pocket!

For the man in your life that still wears pocket squares or Hankies on a daily basis but also struggles with taking notes comes this small notebook.

Hankie Pocket Square

I have already tackled the subject of notebooks and writing utensils as gifts in my blog post on Mother’s Day Gifts and those familiar with me will know that I stand firmly on the “let’s eliminate paper altogether” side of the fence. But apparently the gift giving geniuses over at Real Simple think that not only are men out there desperate to write notes, but need to do in sneakily by disguising the notebook as a pocket square.

The description says that it is fashionable for the “grab-and-go note-taker” which is about as niche a demographic as you can get. But I can’t see how fashionable it is to be carrying what is soon to be a dog-eared, ripped, ink stained book around as if it was a fashionable pocket square?

Instead – recommend some good note taking apps to your father. I personally like Workflowy. Or if a notebook really is his thing, I say stick with a classic executive or moleskin notebook.

2. I got a Rock

Do people actually need to buy bottle openers? If your house is anything like mine then you likely have more than a reasonable amount of bottle openers turning up in every other drawer in your kitchen. And yet, novelty bottle openers seem to turn up on gift lists for Dad all the time.

Since it seems that every other week one of the beer companies is giving away a bottle opener in a case or beer or another “Hip with it” company decides to give you one to show you how “cool” they are because it’s not just another personalized pen, I fail to see why anyone would ever actually need to buy a bottle opener. But thank you country living for showing me the error of my ways with this prime example of the bottle opener taken to the next level by attaching it to a rock. Obviously, the fact that it is attached to a rock makes it totally worth the price and totally better than the bottle opener I have been using since University.

"Crack open a cold one with style"  Is style a concern for the 2 seconds it takes to open the bottle? Are men really wishing they were more stylish when opening bottles?
“Crack open a cold one with style”
Is style a concern for the 2 seconds it takes to open the bottle? Are men really wishing they were more stylish when opening bottles?

3. Do Dads really want terrariums? 

I know that there are a lot of different types of men out there and some like to garden and like plants and there are probably men who would enjoy this next gift. I can especially see it if they still have younger children at home and watching the terrarium and taking care of it is something they can do together. The reason this is making the list is that I kept seeing the terrarium theme popping up all over the place. Since this seems like a fairly small subset of father’s who really want terrariums I was definitely confused when I kept seeing them suggested over and over again. Especially on Pinterest.


Bonus: this one from Real Simple is made from a recycled wine bottle giving us another hybrid gift

4. Bookends

Bookends always make me think of the Episode of Friends where Rachel and Phoebe find the gifts from Chandler and they ask him “What is this weird metal AZ thing?”

To which Chandler replies, “Bookends, Those are a great gift”


Country Living seems to have sided with Chandler on this one, however I fall firmly in the Rachel-Phoebe Camp. Bookends are not great gifts. Outside of staged magazine photos I don’t think I have ever actually seen bookends in use in any house ever.  In my opinion bookends solve a problem that is actually already solved by the sides of a book shelf. As well, for a true lover of books, bookends actually take up valuable shelf space. Shelf space where one would conceivably rather be housing their books.


Thanks for tuning in this week I hope you enjoyed my take on Gift Guides.

What’s the worst gift you have received for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day?

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