Bad Gifts aren’t just for Mother’s Day! 

Yes, That’s right, I am working on a follow up to my popular review of terrible mother’s day gifts by compiling terrible Father’s Day gift ideas! If you have seen any that are particularly heinous please send them to me at

Already there have been a few gems that have made it on to my list but let me start with a teaser that I found posted on a classifieds site.

wishing well for father's day
“For Sale: Wooden Wishing Well. 1 Left! Will be making more. Great for Fathers Day gift. Useful for hiding steel well casing for private well owners; also great for flower bed/Garden decoration. 3 ft Tall x 2 ft wide. Delivery can be arranged. $140. OBO”
My initial reaction is that  this was not a great Father’s Day gift. But being a Mom I figured I would check with my Father’s Day Authority – My husband.

Between the two of us we have agreed that this does constitute an unfortunate Father’s Day gift.

Nothing says we love you dad like spending $140.00 on a decorative miniature well for the garden. In my husband’s case, this just acts as another obstacle to mowing and weed whacking and likely would end up destroyed by the weed whacker.

 I appreciate that this person only has “1 more left!” so I guess it is popular with people who like lawn decor, I think that it is a bit of a stretch to say it’s a great father’s day gift. There are a lot of father’s (my husband included) who categorically agree that anything that acts as an obstacle to mowing the lawn is not a great gift.

Nothing says Happy Father’s Day to the man who raised you like actively making his yard work harder!

PS – Is it really necessary to say “1 Left!” to only follow up with “Will be making more”? Is there such a huge demand for these or is the poster just trying to create a sense of demand for what is likely a fairly niche product?

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