Questionable Classifieds! “Intimate apparel from the internet is one of the languages of love”

It’s another Questionable Classifieds day! And yes I know that I promised these on Fridays and it is clearly Wednesday but I started it on Friday and I figured it was either post now, or wait another 2 days. So here it is.

This one comes to us from Kijiji and profiles just what one man is willing to do for the love of his life.

In case you are unable to read

In case you are unable to read “Hello. It may seem wierd that a male is advertising in this section. But during our move my girlfriend misplaced a bag of her clothes bottem. Shorts yoga pants and other person stuff (panties). She is small waist. Would like to buy some stuff for her. Pls email me pics of what your selling and price. Thanks !” 

I really didn’t think this needed to repeated but apparently people are still unclear on this concept. Do not turn to the classifieds to buy your underwear. Do not turn to classifieds to sell your underwear. And above all else, do not turn to the classifieds to buy someone else underwear. If this is too complicated for you remember this:

Classifieds & Underwear never go together.

However, this week’s post once again proves this concept is lost on a portion of the population, so as a public service announcement to all men that it is not okay to show a woman how much you care by purchasing her underwear (from strangers on the internet).

I can’t think of any woman who upon losing an entire bag of all her bottems bottoms would appreciate her boyfriend turning to the internet to procure her replacements. I suppose I can’t fault him for wanting to replace items relatively inexpensively depending how much they lost it could get very expensive to replace everything new. For the shorts and yoga pants I can even get behind that, but why did he think asking for “panties” for his girlfriend on the internet is appropriate.

Here’s something I can tell you. Asking the internet to provide you with panties for your girlfriend is a surefire way to find yourself meeting the undesirable portion of the population who likes to sell their used underwear as well ending up on not-so-good terms with your girlfriend.

Besides the fact that he gives vague measurements/sizes, (waist is small?) underwear is not that expensive if you need to replace some rather quickly. Provided he’s not in the market for designer underwear (which I frankly doubt given his posting), it’s not hard to find some decent underwear inexpensively at Wal-Mart. Granted in may not be the fanciest stuff but I would think any girlfriend would prefer her boyfriend replace lost underwear with a bag of Fruit of the Loom over mystery underwear procured from strangers on the internet.

So if you ever find yourself in a similar situation to this gentlemen here are some solutions that do not include receiving underwear from strangers:

1. Go to store, buy a package of cheap underwear, give to girlfriend

2. Better option – go to store with girlfriend, tell her to pick out what she likes, buy it for her

3. My personal favourite if this were to happen to me I would hope my husband chooses this route, Let girlfriend buy her own replacement underwear!

And to address the other requests in his ad – used pants and shorts – wouldn’t it just be easier to head over to Goodwill or Value Village with your girlfriend, let her try on the clothes and pick what she likes instead of posting this ad, waiting for responses, and then being in the very unfortunate situation of having to now meet the people who are wanting to sell you their underwear?


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