Beer & Babies OR “Inappropriately Themed Party Invites”

We are 6 weeks away from my son turning 1 and we are starting to plan a first birthday for him. It will be low key and small but I did want paper invites for it because I figured it might be the kind of memento that grandparents and ourselves would like to have for the scrapbook. (I’ll just add it to the drawer with his hospital bracelet which I am sure will not continue to sit waiting for eternity to become part of a scrapbook that is never going to get made).

I turned to my favourite site for this, Vistaprint, which I used for my wedding invites, save the dates and thank you cards and for baby shower thank you cards. I start looking for first birthday invites and look what I find near the top of the list!

Break out your lederhosen! It's an Oktoberfest First birthday!
Break out your lederhosen! It’s an Oktoberfest First birthday!
I get that parenting is tough at times and you may reach for a cold one after the baby has gone to bed by why is this design showing up in the search parameters for “first birthday invitation”? It must be an outlier I think to myself….

Oh wait…apparently it is not the only one!

Because cake smash videos are so much better if the baby's inhibitions are impaired.
Because cake smash videos are so much better if the baby’s inhibitions are impaired.

more beer invite
This would be perfect for C’s first birthday, if only it came in a different size?

more beer iterations
Oh good! More Size options!

Is there some sort of ironic-hipster trend to have beer themed birthdays for babies? Am I missing something here?

But “wait!” you say, “What if beer isn’t my libation of choice for my child’s first birthday?”

Well, C does prefer his Formula "Shaken not stirred"
Well, C does prefer his Formula “Shaken not stirred”
Needless to say, we won’t have a beer/cocktail themed first birthday for C, he already has a bottle he likes to fall asleep with.



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