Mother’s Day Review OR “Why yes, I did ship my child to his grandparent’s on my first Mother’s Day!”

As promised after last week’s review of some, frankly, terrible mother’s day gifts, I am back with a quick update on how my first Mother’s Day went.

First some background, in my immediate family (i.e. Husband, C and myself) none of us have our “own” birthday. We all share our birthday with another special occasion. Regular followers will be aware that C was born on Canada Day, I am born right near Thanksgiving and my Dad’s birthday is 2 days before mine and my husband is born 3 days before his dad’s birthday which also falls around mother’s day. In fact, Husband was actually born on a Mother’s Day Sunday which means my Mother in Law became a Mom on Mother’s Day.

But I digress.

The point I am trying to make here, is that while I went into Mother’s Day expecting that Husband would do something for me (despite his jokes leading up to the day “But you’re not my mother…”) I realized that the weekend was also shared with Husband’s birthday and Father in Law’s birthday so I didn’t go in expecting it to be all about me because I am an adult and realize that other people have things happening in their lives too, and a special day for you doesn’t mean it’s only about you (unlike Rodney from this season of Survivor who believes that the world revolves around you and should stop on your day).

That said, the day before mother’s day we had Shed-Building Day. The in-laws and some friends helped us put up a new shed in the backyard. That night, I had dinner reservations and tickets to a concert for Husband and I to celebrate his birthday and the plan was for my in laws to leave sister in law to watch C while we went out and the next day we would all head to the in-laws for Mother’s Day.

Well, in the end we decided why have the babysitters in our house when we could send C to grandparent’s house on Saturday night for a sleepover! We were able to go out enjoy ourselves, come home to a house without a baby and relax and my husband’s family got a lot’s time with C.

So here I was on Mother’s Day morning waking up without a child in the house! I slept in until 9:30am!! I know. Can you believe it? It was glorious. So basically if that was the end of my mother’s day I would have been happy. But it wasn’t, Husband proceeded to give me a lovely card which made me laugh with how it started…

“Remember when we first fell in love and everything was so simple…” 

Oh yes, the simple days of being in love and not also being in charge of the well-being of a tiny person.

From there the two of us went to the mall where we picked up a birthday present for his dad and some plants for his mother and grandmother who we would be seeing later that day, we also brought dessert. Gluten Free Key Lime pie (which I love and I haven’t had key lime pie in years but recently found a GF bakery to do one for me).

The minute C saw me and heard my voice saying his name when we arrived, he got so excited and tried to get to me. Unfortunately, having been put in the exersaucer while his babysitters were eating lunch he ended up flailing around a the whaky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man.

Why yes, this is my first gif in a blog post! I know so tach-savy of me
Why yes, this is my first gif in a blog post! I know so tech-savy of me

From there, my very generous sister in law took us (as in me and Mother in Law, not husband or baby) for Pedicures. Which I had not had done since before C was born so my super gnarly toes very much appreciated it.

The rest of the day was relaxing. I got cards from my in laws and C got me a new charm for my Pandora Bracelet that says “Mom”. Apparently, C was a big hit with the ladies in the Pandora store when he was shopping with Husband. I guess there was no one else in the store so he decided to charm everyone…(groan and yes, pun – Totally intended).

We had a great dinner of steak and shrimp and the family was impressed by how much C loved to eat shrimp (because you’re never too young for surf and turf I guess) and then the 3 of us headed home.

In the end, I may have had to “share” Mother’s Day with some birthdays, I may have brought the dessert for everyone, and I may have helped make dinner and changed diapers (though somehow husband didn’t change any) but Mother’s Day wasn’t about me not having to do anything or being spoiled. It was just about enjoying some quality time with my son, husband and family. Even if I did pawn my son off on his grandparents for the night.

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