Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to work I go!

Laidbackmommy went back to work today and it seems like it’s been harder on other people. Lot’s of friends and family are saying they are thinking and praying for me and while I appreciate their concern, I am really enjoying being back in the work force. As much as I love my son, I have been working since I was 14-15 years old and even longer if you count babysitting before that. I cherished my 8 months home with him but I can’t wait to see what the world has in store for me professionally now that I am back at the office.

Of course, the first day back is always an easier one for people returning from parental leave. Much of the day is spent waiting for my computer to get set up and testing my systems, calling HR….oh and the little issue of going through 8 months of email backlog!

I have heard from Husband (who will be off with baby C for the next 4 months) that C is sick with a cold. It makes me feel bad that Husband’s first day off alone is dealing with that so it’s probably not the best day.

And while I do feel bad for my sick little boy, part of me is secretly relishing in the fact that for at least 8 hours today I won’t have baby snot on me!


3 thoughts on “Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to work I go!

  1. Great little read. It’s refreshing to hear people enjoy the idea of work as it’s an opportunity to have some time for yourself away from kiddie duties. How did you go with that email backlog? 8 months worth, goodness. It’s great you blog your journey with parenting and everything in between. Many parents will be able to relate. Make for a magic week!

    Ivan Siladji

    1. The email was a beast! But luckily much was irrelevant notices and easy to delete. Lot’s of people being told to turn the lights off on their cars in the garage or notices that a system would be done for a day 6 months ago. All in all it is going well and my husband is doing a great job keeping the house. I seriously think it is cleaner in the last three days than when I was home.

      1. I once read a tip which said if you are daring enough to highlight your entire inbox and simply hit delete. The important issues will make it to you eventually. I’m yet to try it though. Haha. Good you have a supporting partner. It always makes for good team work when we work so well with other better halves. Glad it’s going well enough so far. Enjoy the rest of the week! Make magic!

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