Questionable Classifieds for the digital age: Barely Used Underwear?

First off, sorry for my long absence! I may be a laid back mommy but I guess I am a lazy blogger! This is also my first post written entirely on my iPhone. So I am still figuring out the formatting. I am hoping that I will get back into the regular world of blogging in the next couple of weeks. Baby C is getting more interesting so that means more to write about! Today is just a short post with a new QCDA (questionable classifieds for the digital age) for everyone to enjoy.


When is it okay to sell underwear in an online classified? New in package? New but open package? Used? In my opinion none of these are okay. In my informal poll which consisted of turning to my husband in bed and asking he answered rather succinctly “Never.”

And so let’s take a deeper look at the issue of selling underwear.

First the picture posted in the ad in question.

At first glance I think we all agree this isn’t bad. Just a lot of little boys clothing. Until you realize there is underwear front and centre.
Yup. Underwear.

Now here is the description from the seller.


So here we have someone selling Little boy underwear. I get that some was never worn but some was worn for a “very short time” and that makes it used. Even though we aren’t sure how long that “very short time” was it is still used.

Used underwear should not be sold.

For the new stuff that is open, I think we should still err on the side of not selling it in the used market. There is a reason stores won’t allow returns on underwear and I think the store logic should extend to this situation.

So laid back mommy, What should I do with my extra underwear?

Let me help you with some suggestions:
-if it is legitimately brand new in package donate it to a shelter or food bank that can help distribute to those in need or return to store
-if it is new and out of package offering it to a close friend or family member that may be able to use it seems somewhat acceptable to me if you have that type of relationship with the person
-if it is used – and by used I mean it has been worn for any period of time – throw it out
-if at anytime you are unsure of the proper course of action, throw it out

I have also created this easy to follow flow chart to help you out in case you encounter this situation yourself. Please share this important information with you friends and family.

flow chart 2

There you have it. A handy guide for your underwear.

So what are your thoughts? Am I too strict on selling underwear in the used market? Leave a comment or email me.

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