Introducing: Questionable Classifieds for the digital Age, A new blog within my Blog.

I love getting bargains. Seriously. I inherited it from my Mother. My Mother in fact loves bargains so much that if you buy her a nice gift she is more excited about finding out if you got a deal on it. If you want to give my Mother a designer label you better hope that you got it at a misguided freight auction, or the back of a China Town shop or have story about the amazing deal you got. In fact, there are times that we have actually lied exaggerated the deal obtained on a gift we have given her so she would actually accept it.

She is literally the embodiment of Jerry Seinfeld’s Dad.

“Oh! This is too much”

“Don’t worry, I know a guy, it was like $20”

So while I am not as obsessed with deals as her, it is not surprising that I myself enjoy getting a good deal on things. I mean who doesn’t like to save money?

To go along with this money saving part of my life I often peruse buy-sell websites. My office even has an extensive online Staff buy and sell board which I have been very active on over the years. You can get a lot of great things used. Especially if you aren’t picky on exact details. You can also get rid of your things, thus eliminating the growing pile in your basement as you amass hundreds of unwanted items until you have enough to produce a respectable garage sale.

But as part of my love of finding bargains, I also get a lot of pleasure out of finding, pointing out and sharing those unfortunate and questionable classifieds ads that I think we have all stumbled upon in the past.

So today I am kicking off a new ongoing series on my blog!!!

You will see now interspersed within my regular blog material outlining my pregnancy and inevitable child rearing adventures something I like to call:

Questionable Classified Ads for the Digital Age or “Who the ef would post that, and who do they expect to buy it?”

Here I will post classified ads that I come across that I think are questionable, odd, funny, or in some cases just plain unsanitary and gross. I will provide my thoughts and give advice on the appropriate ways to rid oneself of the product.

So without any additional fan fare I give you the first installment in Questionable Classified for the Digital Age.

I stumbled upon this screenshot after it was sent to me by someone who knows that I get a kick out of these things. It is from a Mom Buy-Sell groups (which are exceptionally popular in cities all over and often use facebook as their medium). I have had success in selling and buying off these types of groups before but this ad gave me pause and inspired me to start this new series in my blog.


Lingerie For sale

For privacy reasons, I have blocked out any personally identifying information about the persons, group and city or region this comes from and will do so in the future as well.

First of all the description says this is a “maid outfit” however, and correct me if I am wrong, but this is not a maid outfit. This is lingerie. Lingerie. In my opinion lingerie falls in the “underwear” category and used underwear is not acceptable on the second hand market. I really don’t care if it is excellent condition and you only used it one’s once this falls under the category of inappropriate items to resell.

Can you imagine responding to this ad and going to pick up said item?

Buyer: “Oh hi, I am here for the, uh, ahem, Maid, outfit”

Seller: ” Yes, here it is, Only worn once, but my husband sure loved it. But he gets bored easily, so you know I only wear my lingerie once….”

Buyer: “Great here’s the money”

I just don’t want to meet the person in the market for other people’s used lingerie. Nor do I want to be known as the person who sells my lingerie when I am done with it.

So LaidBackMommy, what should I do when I decide my maid costume lingerie no longer suits my needs?

Well thank you for asking. I am a bit of a self-proclaimed expert of proper etiquette for getting rid of things that are no longer needed. Here are some options for you the next time you think it is wise to sell your sex clothes lingerie.

  1. Leave it in the back of your closet/dresser/wardrobe in case you get in the mood to excite your significant other again with the outfit
  2. Or are there too many painful memories because it is from a time with your ex? Burn it or otherwise destroy it in a moving on ceremony
  3. Hmm it looks soft, use it as a tissue the next time you are sick
  4. In fact it is so soft, cut it up and use it as dust rag
  5. Those cups look sturdy? Engage in a water-balloon fight and use them as sling shots

Ok perhaps some of those are a little far fetched, so just hang on to it or throw it out. Please don’t try to sell your lingerie. I mean even new lingerie bothers me when I think about other people having tried it on but at least then I can pretend that no one else has tried on yet and I am the first to try it on.

Now I don’t know if this sold because as of the screen shot date, there were no interested buyers. I just hope that a happy resolution for all was reached – seller, buyer and probably the significant other of the buyer who now gets to enjoy lingerie sloppy seconds a new repertoire in the bedroom tonight.


Stumbled upon a hilarious or unfortunate classified ad? Email me at and your contributions could make the next installment of the Questionable Classifieds blog!