Triggers OR “What makes you think you could handle compost?”

Well ,I have now surpassed the half way point in pregnancy (21 week, 2 days) so let me first state that while my Morning sickness has improved, it is by no measure gone.  In fact at 19 weeks I was so fed up with the non-stop vomiting that I called my doctor’s office on Valentine’s Day and got an appointment that day. After 15 weeks of it I needed help and I am not ashamed to say I broke down in the consult. In just over 3 months there had been only a handful of days where I hadn’t vomited, and not one day without nausea, dry heaving and gagging.

The doctor adjusted my medications and told me to take 2 weeks off work to recover and rest.

I have never taken a sick leave like that from work. But I did and found that the rest, lack of stress and new medication regime helped. I went 10 days without vomiting! So I returned to work and even though I was sick the first morning (my body just wasn’t used to eating at 7:00am anymore) the rest of the week was going well.

I would get a little nauseated at times throughout the day but overall was very happy. My energy was returning to near pre-pregnancy levels and I was taking less naps. I could even resume housework, like cooking meat, buying groceries and even doing dishes without a mad dash to the bathroom (or kitchen sink, or garbage pail, or in the case of the grocery store one of those plastic baggies you put your produce in). It seemed that the triggers that would aggravate the nausea were no longer a problem for me!

So last night after doing the dishes I started gathering up the garbage and recycling around the house to help out my husband who has been so wonderful taking over almost all the household tasks while I have been sick. It went well. Until I decided to try to gather the compost. Where we live we have green bins that go out every week with our compost. In the kitchen, I opened the small container to pull out the compost (which is in a compostable bag) and tie it up. Turns out I have at least one more trigger left.

I dropped the bag on the kitchen floor (tied up, so luckily no compost explosion) and proceeded to test the limits of the kitchen sink drainage system by throwing up everything that was in my stomach (which was a lot given it was shortly after dinner, and dessert, and a snack).

When my husband comes in I look at him and say “I tried so hard to help with garbage but the compost…I couldn’t handle it and it defeated me.” Pointing to the bag on the floor.

My husband looks at me incredulously and says, “Why would you think you could possibly handle the compost? I was going to do it.”

“But, I have been doing better….and I handled cooking raw meat and the dishes…and I wanted to help…” (my voice trailing off)

He shakes his head and says he’ll deal with it….and then I say, “um, I can’t handle the kitchen sink.”

Apparently he didn’t realize that is where I had been sick. “Why?” he says as he looks in before I could warn him of the horrors. Poor guy, had to deal with getting that unclogged and cleaned up too.

In the end, it was agreed that I will no longer try to handle rotting food of any type until after this baby is born and I think we can all agree that it is a wise decision.