“Liars” or Seriously, whoever called it morning sickness is a moron

One of the first signs that I was pregnant was sitting with my husband eating dinner and gagging over a glass of wine.

However within a week, the nausea and vomiting hit with a vengeance. Who ever called it MORNING SICKNESS is a horrible liar. Not only does it not contain itself to the morning, but sickness does not do justice to what is actually happening. The constant, excessive nausea and vomiting is more akin to a  Biblical Plaque

Very quickly after the positive pregnancy test I started getting a little nauseated. Within a couple of days it was 24 hours a day and caused considerable strain in my previously happy relationship with food.

It was as if my body said to me, “Hey, YOU loved meatballs so why not taste them again and again!” But guess what body, Meatballs do not taste better being burped back up.

I think I could have even handled the vomiting but most of the time it was a vomit-tease. The same food would come up into the back of my throat over and over again. Hours later and I would think, “how has this not passed through my system?”

When I actually did vomit it was better because the food was gone and I didn’t have to relive it for the next 4 hours.

Having just witnessed my sister go through this in her first trimester, I knew that there was a magic little pill out there to help me.


Ah diclelctin, the happy little pill with a pregnant woman printed on it telling me I could now eat with impunity and it was totally safe for baby.

But noooo. That was not the case.

Sure the diclectin helped but not the way I expected. I wasn’t actually vomiting as much and had less burps of my last meal coming up on me. I was still nauseated throughout most of the day…everyday. I still went into fits of gagging for NO APPARENT REASON.

And you can’t control it. You can learn the foods that work for you and enjoy them, bananas and peanut butter sandwiches were my life. Until suddenly your stomach decides no more of that. A constant learning curve every day to determine what foods will be somewhat tolerated and which will send you running and gagging to the toilet (or sink).

It’s really hard to maintain a professional demeanor when during a project meeting you start RANDOMLY GAGGING.

Morning Sickness sucks. And for those of you who have yet to get pregnant and experience it, or those of you who were lucky enough to get through pregnancy without it I hate you just a little bit right now as I eye my garbage bin under my desk knowing my lunch will probably end up in there.

Morning Sickness: It lasts all day so let’s cut the BS on that.


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