“I think it’s positive” Or the most underwhelming pregnancy revelation story to a husband ever

I think that for years I had thought about a cute way to tell my husband when I was pregnant. I figured I would have a clear positive test and then I would wrap up something for him to open as a gift, it would be awesome because he would hold up the Baby book for Dads, or world’s greatest Dad bib he would catch on slowly and it would be all exciting an awesome….

Let’s just say this didn’t go down as I had planned. We had started trying and only “done it once” so realistically I didn’t think it would happen yet. I mean really how many people really get pregnant on the first try. But something just didn’t feel right with my body.

I began to suspect I might have a visitor inside me when I gagged on a sip of my favourite Pinot!

So that night (a couple of days before the expectant period) the test was negative and I thought, okay no baby…But then I tried it again a couple of days later because why the heck not, I had bought a 2 pack of tests.

I watched as 1 “control” line appeared prominently and the second didn’t appear. (Ok no baby…oh wait?

….or did it appear…faintly it looked like maybe there was a second blue line there. I held it at different lights and angles and thought, “Yup, that’s positive…I think.” Hardly confident in my interpretation (the lighting in the bathroom is just TERRIBLE you know).

Given my lack of certainty in this situation I was a little shocked and not sure what to do next. I walk to my husband in the home office (I guess now it will be a nursery) and said, “I took a pregnancy test, It looks positive.”

He looked up from playing some random computer game with a skeptical look on his face (I have seriously taken a lot of pregnancy tests in my time with hubby). I showed it to him and the conversation progresses something like this:

Husband: I don’t see anything

Me: In this circle, look a second line

Husband: But the other line is so much darker…

This went on for a minute or so I got frustrated and kind threw/dropped the test on his desk. And said “Arg, Google, faint line pregnancy test.”

At this point his phone rings…it’s his best friend calling about a computer game they play online….

Clearly this is not going the way I always dreamed celebrating news of a pregnancy would go!

I am standing there saying “This is really not the time to be taking a phone call about computer games!!!” He’s smiling away looking at me with an apprehensive excitement while talking about this video game situation.

He gets off the phone and says that since I didn’t make a big deal out of it (I guess I did just kinda throw it on the desk) he thought I wasn’t serious.

Really though, this is not what I had in mind! We googled that faint lines are still positive and to try testing first thing in the morning as the hormones will be stronger or whatever. We talked and I found that he was excited but scared it was a false positive, so next morning I took a more expensive, name brand pregnancy test that clearly said “Pregnant 1-2 weeks” and that finally convinced that apparently we were going to parents.